Sunday, October 19, 2008

Harmon House Painted on Its Own Slate

There's a house I like to stay at, up the Hudson from New York, more for the denizens than the architecture, but both are grand and storied. I was pleased this week to deliver the fruit of last summer's (2007) family trip to there and other haunts in the vicinity of "The Big Apple" (I wrote about the trip here).

On that trip I collected a few slate tiles that had come off the roof as the result of a violent thunder storm a couple weeks earlier. I also collected a few photos. I gave these to my mother, who can paint, and asked if she could render a view of the house onto one of the slates. She did so and I've now gifted the results to the current owners of the Harmon House as a thank you for their hospitality. They've posted a terrific video of the painting on youtube; you can also see a scan of the painting here; and a corresponding photo here.

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