Wednesday, September 02, 2009

WorldCon Part Ten - Montreal Bagels

My flight out of Montreal was in the late afternoon, so I had
Sunday morning to do something else. Nothing was calling me back to the Con, nothing to top what I'd done already, so I made sure I had correct change for two bus rides and caught the #55 bus from the Palais north up Boulevard Saint Laurent to Avenue Fairmount Ouest. I walked west on Fairmount a couple blocks to la maison de l'original fairmount bagel where I learned that Montreal bagels are in fact wood fired, and even more delicious fresh than what I'd had at the party a couple nights earlier. It was a beautiful summer morning in the city and only a couple miles back to my hotel so I decided to save my second bus fare and walk and eat a couple bagels for breakfast. I strolled back along Avenue du Parc, between Parc du Mont Royal and Parc Jeanne-Mance. Lots of people out biking, walking or jogging in the pleasant sunshine.

I was back at the Hyatt Regency in plenty of time to check out of my room and wait for the shuttle to the bus terminal to catch L'Aerobus back to the airport. And enough time at the airport to jot down some notes (like these) and pick up a bottle of Sheridans layered liqueur before the flights home. They were, gratefully, un-interesting. Fin.

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