Thursday, July 17, 2014

Science Will Be Truth For Life

This article, There’s so much that science will never be able to explain from The Washington Post, was sent to me with the inference that it implies that God is lurking in the crevices of our unknowns.

It is a concise and thought provoking piece. Here are my thoughts, as provoked.

I’m currently reading, with my ears, a story that posits FTL communication. Faster Than Light. Most modern scientists think that FTL-anything is impossible – they might categorize this story I’m listening to in the “fantasy” genre, rather than the “science fiction” one. As they would anything with time travel. Here’s a simple conundrum: the earth is hurtling around the sun and the sun is circling the center of the galaxy, etc. So if I get in a time machine and travel back 1,000 years, won’t I find myself in the middle of the deep void of space, having traveled in time, but not in place? So let us not travel, but rather use books to look back a more modest distance, a hundred years or so, to a time when most scientists thought heavier than air flight (HTA-Flight?) was of dubious scientific likelihood. Today we can “fly” in things like rockets that barely even have wings.

Then there was Dr. Bruce Lerner, with his somewhat ironic surname. He was a college computer professor of mine some 28 years ago. (Wow.) He told me, without a trace of doubt, that the new IBM personal computers in our university lab had more computational power than a family would ever need. After all, most of us never do anything more complicated than balance our checkbook or figure our taxes. Except these days, 28 years later, we also like to operate realistic flight simulators, and “chat” with our friends on the other side of the planet, and watch videos. All of these take more compute power than those original PCs packed within them, Dr. Lerner.

What we don’t know is a lot. But it’s less than it used to be. Is it a rainbow that ever slips away as we approach it’s base? For my part, I hope so. In any case, whenever I want to doubt science I look no farther than magnets. They can’t possibly attract each other without touching. Not anymore than two people can. Wait.... What?

Ever more,
- Chip

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