Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Cooking for One, Part Four: I Do Slaw

I've been enjoyed Gouda cheese slices lately, not smoked. It has an earthy flavor. Sargento has been fine, but this week it was Cracker Barrel brand on sale and they don't offer Gouda. I settled on Asiago slices. It's got a bit more barn than earth, but still worked well on my Corned Beef Bomber sandwich, that's toasted deli rye bread with stacked, thinly sliced corned beef, cheese and coleslaw:

With St. Patrick's Day still large in the rear view mirror I had thought about buying a slab of corned beef and crockpotting up a batch with cabbage, but it was just going to make way too much. Publix also had fresh cut corned beef discounted at the deli, so I bought that. But to make a proper bomber I'd need coleslaw and I wanted to make something myself. The heads of cabbage were big and I know I weary of green cabbage quickly. I pondered the contents of my refrigerator and decided to try a carrot based slaw. It became the star of the meal, and two bouts of leftovers. Here's what all you need to do:

Peel and grate 3 or 4 carrots
Peel and grate a chunk of broccoli stem
Grate 2 or 3 good sized cherry bell radishes

Sprinkle a tablespoon of sugar on the grated veggies, mix

In a small sauce pan place:
  3/4 tablespoons of olive oil
  2 tablespoons of rice (or similar) vinegar
  a couple shakes of dry mustard
  a few shakes of black pepper

Bring these to a boil, then pour this hot dressing over the veggies, stir, and refrigerate for a half hour or more (you can also eat it now if your sandwich is ready)


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